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Tarun Computers

An Integral hardware and software solution provider company established in July 2012 by Softnet Computer Applications.

We are here  to offer you a cutting edge computer technology hardware and software services under one roof with a team of computer technicians and software professionals which has proven business acumen and strong industry experience in information technology.

Main objective of company is to deliver the best IT services to keep your computer systems operational and up to date so that it can manage your organization resources more effectively with key stress on cost reduction & efficiency to generate max profit.

It is a nice saying that if a company is growing rapidly and does not manage its growth properly, it can end up in chaos. On the other hand if your industry is not growing you need to have your systems in place, so that when growth knocks your door you can ride the growth cycle and get maximum returns from your business.

We are always ready to serve you to manage your computer systems at your home or work place. We are just a phone call away from you !